Paint-by-Numbers Content Packages

As COVID-19 swept into our lives my resolve, confidence and commitment to the cooperative movement grew stronger and stronger…but I was hearing from start-up co-ops across the country that they were not sharing these sentiments. They were feeling emotions all over the board including being scared, anxious, nervous, hesitant and confused. I started to brainstorm how I could help co-ops see and convey the value of co-ops, especially during a crisis like the pandemic. I started brainstorming. What if I created posts or graphics co-ops could use and share? How could I make this affordable? How would they access this content? Would anyone want it? I continued brainstorming with other professionals in the industry and finally landed up on this model; we all pitch in a small amount to create content we can all use and Paint-By-Numbers Content was born.

Paint-By-Numbers content is ready-made, fully customizable (match your branding, colors, font, logo etc..) social media posts, graphics, videos and more that will help you tell your co-op’s story and grow both owners and capital funded one pledge at a time. It’s Principle 6 (Co-ops helping Co-ops) in action. Each package below was funded by numerous co-ops across the country making a small affordable pledge. I share these packages with your with sincere gratitude.

General Co-op Story Telling

Co-ops can serve as a beacon of hope to communities who are hungry for connection, action and resilience. You know this. I know this. We believe this to be true, but how do we convey that to the masses?

Grow 20 Owners in 20 Days

Curated images and posts to help you jump start your owner growth. These posts are designed to be used from March 1 - March 20 (the spring equinox!) and can be adapted to any time of year.

Capital Campaign Readiness

Often co-op owners are taken aback by how expensive it is to open the store or they have no idea where the money will come from. This package is designed to make sure your community is well informed, educated, and excited about the future opportunity to invest in the co-op.

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