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About Me

Co-ops can change the world

Since the moment I learned about food co-ops (and I’m embarrassed to admit how old I was when that happened!) I was all in. I jumped in first as a volunteer, later as an employee, and now as a coach (aka consultant). I’ve made it my mission to support, coach, and empower co-ops.

I’ve helped co-ops raise over $9,500,000 since I began providing coaching to start-up grocery co-ops in 2017. I began my consulting career after record-breaking success chairing Green Top Grocery Co-op’s (Bloomington, IL) Capital Campaign in 2016.

In addition to capital campaign services I assist co-ops with owner growth and engagement which includes communication with current and future co-op owners. I also pride myself on being Green Top Grocery’s first employee. As the first employee of an organization I have a unique perspective about what a new employee needs to be successful and have assisted numerous co-ops in hiring and onboarding their first employee.

My work has recently expanded to include grassroots marketing consultation to mission driven organizations. In addition, I have co-founded a sister company called CoApp with Jess Buttimer of Prairie Food Co-op (Lombard, IL). CoApp is a cloud-based owner tracking and fundraising system designed especially for co-ops. CoApp supports cooperation among cooperatives, resulting in data-driven insights including trends, tips & best practices, and is the perfect complement to my coaching services.

I believe emphatically that co-ops can change the world. 


My Mission

My mission is to change the world and our economy, one organization at a time.

My Vision

My vision is to provide changemakers the tools, guidance and resources they need to change the world.

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