Katie’s five years of experience as Green Top Grocery Co-op’s first employee, responsible for outreach, owner growth and Green Top’s record breaking capital campaign along with an additional 6 years of helping co-ops across the country raise more than $9 million dollars and grow hundreds of (if not thousands!) of owners has positioned her to offer a wealth of guidance related to Capital Campaign Planning, Owner Growth & Engagement, and Hiring Your First employee. 

Katie prides herself on limiting the number of co-ops that she works with in order to ensure that each co-op receives the time and attention they deserve. A limited client pool (no more than four co-ops at any one time!) allows Katie to provide personal, in-depth services to each and every client. Contact Katie to inquire about Katie’s availability to work with your co-op!

Capital Campaign Planning

Growing & Engaging Ownership

Hiring Your First Employee

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