Case Studies

Case Study

Green Top Grocery

Green Top Grocery was my very first introduction into the cooperative movement and it was love at first sight. Green Top Grocery, a start-up in Bloomington, Illinois ran the highest start-up capital campaign seen to date in 2016. If you’re preparing for a capital campaign, take a look at these three webinars and learn about Green Top Grocery’s success in planning and execution of a recording setting $1.5 million capital campaign.


An Amazing Success Story

JQ Hannah of FCI hosts Katie to discuss the need for co-ops to raise more and more money as construction costs rise and competition intensifies. Katie shares her experience at Green Top Grocery raising a record setting $1.5 million dollars.

Capital Campaign Planning 101

Join Katie and JQ Hannah of FCI for a deep dive into the details of planning a successful capital campaign including the tools and volunteers you’ll need to raise million(s)!

Capital Campaign Planning 201

 Hear from Katie what a day in the life of a capital campaign manager is like. She’ll also cover tools she used to keep her and her team on track for success.

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