Story Telling Content-June 2020

What’s Included

There are three main sources of information included here. The Story Telling Content spread sheet  (that includes a multi-tabbed spreadsheet), a gallery of images that you can download and the Overview & Instructions document.

  1. Story Telling Content spread sheet (includes several tabs)
  2. A collection of images (two galleries)
    1. Owner Count Headers: includes one personalized, editable Facebook header per pledged co-op (created based on the information and specifications you provided).
    2. Story Telling Content: includes all of the images you’ll need to support the posts included in the spreadsheet.
  3. Two newsletter articles that you can find at the end of this document.

First of all, if you made a pledge to help bring this content to life thank you for supporting the creation of this work. If you have not yet made a pledge but find value in this offering and would like to contribute to make future offerings available, please make a pledge here.

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